Adopting My Son

This was a second adoption. The child had previously been adopted and wasn’t doing well in his first home. A second adoption is just what he needed. He is flourishing now and very happy!

My heart has always been set on two things: missions and adoption. Though my original plan was to move overseas and work in an orphanage someday; God had a greater, slightly different plan. My story began about two years ago when I felt led to start searching for a larger home to make room for a child. Though I wasn’t sure where, when or how; I tried to trust God, and trust that He would open and close doors as He saw fit. Then in a series of events that can only be described as gifts from God; I was introduced to the profile of my now beautiful little boy. I fell in love immediately with this little boy and his story. Though at times, it may have felt like doors were closing; truthfully God was testing my faith to trust Him with the unknown.  And that’s where the story of my road to adoption began….

As we are 1 month shy of celebrating our first year together, I often times recount this past year. This beautiful, yet heartbreaking journey that has led two families to a place of gratefulness and sadness as well as a compound of other emotions. Truthfully there are no words to describe this unique process. As one family walks through this excruciating heartbreak, another family receives their deepest heart’s desire. But even when my heart is full as a new mommy, my heart is broken for my little boy and the amount of trauma he’s endured in just 5 short years of life. How can you quantify that? You cannot. But what I can tell you is that my little man has been the biggest blessing I could’ve ever dreamt of. One of the biggest prayers of both families was that he would thrive and learn to love so big. And he is thriving and he loves so deeply! The other bonus blessing I’ve gotten in all of this is that we speak about his previous family on a daily basis. It’s healthy, it’s positive, and most of all, it’s okay. He’s healing and I get to walk alongside him. I’ll close with sharing that our days are not perfect. I’m still learning the various triggers from his past, but everyday we commit to fighting these battles, and take them on one day at a time, together.