A Dad’s Story

My Second Chance Kids

I am a single parent who has been privileged to foster and adopt many children over the past 40+ years.  The several children I adopted have all come to me after previously disrupted adoptions which added an extra layer of emotional baggage.  There is no way the pleasure of watching these children bloom can be described.  I would not be truthful if I said it was all sweetness and light from the very beginning because each of these kids had to test me to be certain I would really accept them and not give up on them.

I decided to try something different with the last three adoptions and did Second Chance Adoptions of kids who had been previously adopted from overseas.  I wound up with three different children from three different families from three different places on the globe to add to my previous adoptions which came from some different cultures.  Our Christmas Season is now a mini United Nations convention without the drama but with all the joy.

The Second Chance adoptions came with the usual baggage of previous disruptions and with the past life in orphanages also hanging in the emotional closets.  After the initial testing and finding boundaries, these last three children have developed into magnificent human beings that are going to really make their mark in this world.  They are an integral part of our very extended family and on the cusp of making their way into society in general.

Every child deserves a second chance and no parent should deprive themselves of the opportunity to experience the great joy of watching a child develop to their full potential.