Aubrey’s Story

aubrey-1 aubrey aubrey2She is our adorable, loving “Junie B. Jones”!  Silly, goofy, caring, and giving! We can’t imagine our life without her!  Admittedly, the first 6 months have been an adjustment for everyone in our home.  A new home, testing, adjusting, and growing together.  Sometimes trying, sometimes exhausting, but the improvement in behaviors has been phenomenal! Her past adoptive mom was as an incredible person! However, Aubrey (not real name) needed a change in her family dynamics, in order to thrive.  What a difference the change has made for her! She is the youngest in our family, with the next oldest sibling 4 years older. She is thriving! Aubrey’s school just started student of the month to acknowledge children who demonstrate their core values of honesty, respect and responsibility. Aubrey was voted by her teacher and classmates to be their first student of the month for their 1st grade classroom!  Her brother, Jack (not real name) who is 4 years older, was also a Second Chance adoption.  I wrote about Jack last March –   Jack continues to do fantastic and has developed a very special relationship with Aubrey in their experience in coming together as a family. Aubrey and Jack were a perfect and blessed match for our family!