A Single Mom’s Blessing

danielDavis’s family is a result of a second adoption.  He didn’t do well in his first  adoptive home, and now has been re-adopted and is doing great.  A better match makes a happier child who becomes well adjusted.

Davis is the perfect addition.  I had been looking for a year, trying to adopt as a single person. My hope was beginning to fade as family after family got chosen for the precious kids I applied to adopt.  I saw Second Chance Adoptions on Facebook and began to follow their page.  One day, I saw Davis online and knew he was my boy.  I applied, talked to the family, and they choose me to be Davis’s new mom.  I was equally excited and scared.  I read every single thing I could on parenting styles, attachment disorders, adoption trauma but how can you really prepare to parent a child who has previously been adopted and is now being told they will have a new life? Having done foster parent training, I took many classes focused on ‘attachment based parenting’ and I feel as those were a life-saver in helping my son and I connect early on in the adoption.

Davis has become a completely different child than he was described as.  He is a fun-loving, smart, kind, and courageous young man.  I thank his first family for investing everything they could into him.  He knew he was being given a second chance and has truly made a complete turn around.  Davis is emphatic, honest, and well-liked.  He is really coming into his own in his new home.  I have felt from day one that this is my son, 100%.  We are very much alike,and I know that has helped us bond.

Davis is a typical 10-year-old boy now.  He loves his mom, legos, church, and taekwondo.  He can be found reading or watching cartoons after school.  Davis recently got brave and decided to try rollerblading for the first time.  It’s been an absolutely blessing to be this young man’s mom and help him experience so many new things. I love my son and cannot imagine life without him.

I am forever thankful to Second Chance and will look to them in the future to help grow our family.