Our new daughter

Our family was matched with an adoption through the Second Chance program this year. Our adoption journey has been fairly lengthy, lasting the course of about 5 years or so. As our journey stretched out, our biological children grew, and our vision for adoption grew too.

We came across the Second Chance program on Facebook after it was shared by a friend. To be quite honest, we were almost to the point of giving up. However, we were intrigued by the program and decided to renew our home study. It was through the Second Chance program that we met our daughter. Many things that were stated about her in her bio seemed like they would be a good fit for our home and family. The steps that Second Chance took in sharing information with us made us feel more confident in making our decision, so we decided to reach out and ended up submitting our profile.

We were selected to talk with Cyndi and the family to discuss things further, and a few days later we were notified that the family had selected our family to become a part of their daughter’s journey. We set up a transition plan and arranged travel and were able to complete everything following the guidance of the program. We have been home for awhile now, and things are going smoothly. We are grateful that Second Chance for helping us complete our family.