About Us

Who are we? We are the parents of children who have needed a secondary adoption. Some of us are the the child’s first adoptive parents, and some of us are the second adoptive parents.  We share our stories to be an encouragement to others.

We are blogging our experiences on this website to help parents who are in an incomprehensible position with an adopted child in your home, feeling that life has turned into a nightmare, and that you need help asap. We want you to know, above all, that there is healing available for your family and for your dear adopted child.

Others of us are blogging our experiences as new adoptive parents of children who experienced the nightmare, and we have given them a fresh start in our home. Our goal is to share that these children have a world of hope, and in the second family our child has made a 180 degree turn in their new home  and is now experiencing a “new life”.

We are not an adoption agency, and none of the children on this website are needing an adoption.  They all have had a “fresh start” and are doing wonderfully.

Our purpose is to share our experiences of secondary adoption.