Alaina’s Story

Jarica picAlaina joined our family in July and has been the greatest blessing we could ask for.  When Anya first arrived, she was in a very broken state, which we were fully prepared for.  Alaina had no self worth and was filled with negative emotions that she had difficulty expressing.  She was suffering in all areas of her life and needed significant help to begin flourishing.

As challenging as Alainaa could be, we provided her with unconditional love and support to help heal her heart and build up her sense of self.  The transformation that Anya has made in less than six months is truly remarkable and unlike anything the people in her life have ever seen.  Alaina has become an incredibly loving, affectionate child and has so much joy for life.  She greets us every morning with a warm hug, smile, and loving words.  We can’t get enough of Alaina’s tender heart and are in awe of her strength and beauty.

We are so proud of the advances that Alaina has made outside of our home. Alaina thoroughly enjoys school and has been described by her principal and teachers as “one of the happiest children at school.”  Alaina has made great strides academically and is now in the mainstream classroom for math, science, spelling, and social studies.  She loves learning and is working extra hard outside of school to catch up on her academics.  In addition to the progress Alaina has made at school, she is thriving in a variety of afterschool and weekend activities.  These include gymnastics, rock climbing, arts and crafts, math enrichment, science experiments, and gardening club.  She recently signed up for reading tutoring and is looking forward to adding swimming lessons into the mix.

Alaina has embraced our extended family, all of whom absolutely adore her.  She regularly sees her grandparents and spends quality time with her aunts, uncles, and cousins whenever possible.  Alaina is cherished by our entire family and we are beyond grateful to have her as our daughter.  She is thrilled to have found her forever family and we all look forward to the years to come.

We have incredible appreciation for the Second Chance Adoptions program and highly recommend the agency to those interested.  Cyndi did a wonderful job facilitating the adoption process and provided us with invaluable resources to prepare for our new life with Anya.  We look forward to reconnecting with Second Chance Adoptions in the future if we are to adopt another child.