From Grief to Joy

We are an experienced adoptive family as well as medically trained. Sadly, despite these things, our daughter Jessie’s little body got tired. Her multiple special needs and medical fragility took its toll and we had to say goodbye in April, 2018. We had never in our life felt this degree of pain and anguish. It felt like it would swallow us whole. Somehow, we made it through and our family started to heal. Jessie had taught us so much in the 11 of her 13 years on Earth that she was ours. We decided that the best way to honor our precious girl would be to use what she taught us to bring hope to another child. We started our home study in March of 2019 thinking it would lead us to China, but after a few detours we found our girl on Second Chance Facebook page. There she was. She was so absolutely beautiful. I inquired and after following the process we were matched with our Nyla!

We have developed a beautiful relationship with her first adoptive family. We understand their pain and know they only want the best for Nyla. She had some significant issues that thankfully we were experienced in and prepared for. I won’t say that it was easy from the beginning but we did develop a plan and have seen her start to heal and grow and settle into her place in our family. Although we don’t want to think pain and loss are “meant to be” it does feel like she was meant to be in our family. We can not imagine our family without her today. Thank you Second Chance for making this possible!