Adam’s Story

Opalka boyAll of our 5 children have come from families who had a heart for adoption but for one reason or another it did not work.  This is always a sad situation for both the adoptive family and the adopted child.  We had already had 3 such children in our home when I saw Adam on an internet list.  There was something so sweet about his smile and upon reading his bio I felt strongly that we were to be his family.

It had been a few years since we had adopted Jonathan, our 8 year old Guatemalan boy.  Jonathan’s first adoptive parents were young and totally unprepared for the diagnosis they received during his first US  doctor’s appointment.  They new that Juan ( his former name) was cross eyed and scheduled his first visit to the eye doctor 2 weeks after his arrival.  They were told he was blind and that day, their world fell apart.  Fear and apprehension took over and decided to find a family for Juan who had more experience with special needs kids.  We received this little 9 month old with loving open arms and thanked God for His wonderful gift !   The other family mourned their lose and never adopted again.

Our first 2 boys, one from the Philippians and one from Haiti came with similar stories.  The disrupting families, also, were devastated. We felt the pain they must be going through, and gratefully accepted the blessing of more children. God had given us perfect gifts, not perfect children, but children who were meant for us and we couldn’t have loved them more.

Then came this picture of Adam!  We got all his info and it was NOT pretty.  There was mention of RAD, ODD, 1 year of respite, leaning disabilities etc.  We got scared.  God kept reassuring us with Scripture and circumstances over and over and we finally took the leap.  It will be 2 years that Adam has been with us on August 9th, 2016 and I can HONESTLY say he has NEVER given us one moment of trouble. He’s polite, happy, friendly, obedient, compliant, very intelligent, well spoken, kind and Jonathan’s best friend.

I still don’t exactly know what happened between there ( his first adoptive home ) and here, but I know God NEVER fails !!!  If He puts it on our heart to go forward with an adoption ( or any ministry ) He ALWAYS provides ALL that we need to successfully carry out that calling……day after day after day.

There is nothing special about our family but we have and incredible God who can do ALL things through us.  My husband and I are older than most of you reading this story, we have a small income and small house.  But our God is BIG and these are minor details to Him.

If God is tugging at your heart to adopt……..just step out in faith and say “YES.”   You will never be sorry!