Meet Leo

            We are Cory and Jackie and have two older children Emma, 17 and Johnathan, 15. Our journey through adoption has been so rewarding. We started the process to adopt and were searching for a little over a year when we came across Second chances. For some reason we really felt God leading us to adopt through them so we kept searching the Facebook group for children. We inquired about a few children but none seemed like the right fit. Then we came across a profile of a 5 year old boy. His name was Logan or so we thought, they use fake names. I saw his profile and I knew he was the one. We inquired and went through the very quick process and within a few weeks were chosen to be his new home. I was honestly shocked how quick the process went after finding him. 

            We have now had Leo with us for about three months. We have definitely had some challenges but nothing a little love and attention can’t fix. I have to say that the behaviors we were told he had are very different from the behaviors he actually has with us. Even the things we were told he liked and didn’t like are different. I say that to explain every child will be very different according to the environment they are in and when they find the right environment they can finally be themselves and learn what that is and then thrive. Leo is doing amazingly wonderful and when we have hard moments, as you will, we just remind ourselves what this poor little guy lacked for so many years and that makes understanding and having compassion for him easier. He has truly been such a blessing in our lives and we hope he feels the same. We are looking forward to the day we get to finalize our adoption and officially call him our son! Although, we already do!