Our Adoption Miracle!

Anita picThis young boy is a secondary adoption.  He wasn’t doing well in his first adoptive home and was living in a residential treatment center. The parents signed up with an agency to find a second adoptive home for him.  Read on to see how well he is doing in his new home.  He was so happy to have a chance to start over.

Adoption has always been a dream of mine since I was a small child looking thru a book from China  never dreaming it would be a reality. God had other plans for me.

I adopted my first son from Romania and my daughter from Guatemala, and  I was extremely blessed. Nevertheless God had great plans. In 2012 I felt him telling me to get ready for my 2nd son.  I said how or where or ??  He told me to wait, save and get my life ready for my third blessing.

God provided more work, met neat folks to do the home study and just a new batch of great new friends to walk this path with me.

June, 2017 God said now is the time to go look.

I had my eye on Second Chance adoptions for some time, but never felt  connected to anyone so never applied thru out the years.  Then I started applying for a few but it did not work for I was doing it truly on my own in what I thought would work for me.

Finally, I said God, “you know where he is for I am no longer going to apply you need to put him in my face”.  Needless, to say 10 days later my Pastor’s wife comes over and said did you see this boy on  Second Chance Facebook page?  I told her I don’t do Facebook and she put his photo on her  phone and put it in my face.

What could I say or do? Is that not what I asked of God to do and he did it!  This son was adorable for I could see his heart but his problems were beyond what a normal person would want to take on, but God said “trust me”!  God moved the mountains and there were some big ones but by Christmas day we as a family met him.

God’s child for me was abandoned on Christmas day 2012 in China. We as a family got to see him December 25, 2017 in Ohio and got to take home on the 28th of December, 2017.

Was it easy to go thru all what I needed to? No not in the human form but God made the way clear—from a child that  had RAD, he connected to us within 3 days of being with us.

I thank God for the first family that bought him over and the great love they had to give him up.  I thank God for the staff from Second Chance that worked with me on his adoption; they were priceless.

Daily as I see my son’s progress I stand in awe in how much he is like my first son. God knew.

This son was born in 2012 and when God told me it was in the spring before he was even born -God’s eye is on the sparrow!   God is watching over his little ones are we willing to step out in faith and do it.

I am blessed for he is one amazing sweet, caring child who loves to sing and help-if you have room in your hearts for one consider the blessings you can do for a child of God.

Nothing sweeter to hear my son say, “I love you mom”, to see his smile, to see him grow into the child God created him to be.

The photo is of my three adopted children.